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440 W 200 N STE 1
Bountiful, UT, 84010


We make the best fudge. Period. 



1. Why sell at shows?

Rarely can you work for yourself in a proven and tested system with such minimal start-up costs. It is incredibly fun and only gets better and better as more and more people recognize you at shows in the community. Consumers will seek you out at shows, knowing you have the best fudge and candy around. 

You pick the shows. You pick the hours. You keep the profits. 

2.  Where can I sell the product?

You can sell our products at both outdoor and indoor events, including festivals, fairs, farmer's markets, expos, hospitals, home and garden shows, large retirement communities, etc. Be Creative! This is your business. Think outside the box. We can help you get started in selecting shows that work best. 

3. How does an operator know what type of inventory is needed for different shows?

This really depends on the type and size of show you have booked. We can help you with this. Obviously, large shows need a large inventory; small shows need less. For instance, at a large holiday or hospital show, you may need 3-5 loaves of the biggest sellers and 2 of the less popular flavors. On the other hand, at a local farmer's market, you may only need one loaf of every flavor. 

4. How does an operator know in the beginning whether a show fee is too high?

We can give you advice to help you determine which events and venues are best. Every show is different, and over time, you will determine which events work best in your market. If a show has a high booth fee (i.e. $600+), you will need to do some research about the show. Here are a few questions to ask the promoter: How long has it been running? Who is the demographic? How many people are going to be there? What other candy vendors and/or food vendors are there?

Some of the most profitable events can be local farmer's markets where booth fees can be $5-$50 and only last for 5 hours. Hospital and corporate office events can be great events, and these types of events cost zero upfront. These events donate a percentage of sales after the show is completed, so the event cost percentage is locked in. We typically recommend at least 10 feet of booth space for most events. Single vendor events, like hospital shows, can have 20+ ft of booth space because you are not paying for a footprint of space among other vendors. Corner spaces cost a little more but are generally worth the investment for the additional foot traffic. 

5. What is the lead time for operators to place and receive orders?

Typically, orders can be sent out within 5 days plus shipping (3 business days). If an operator needs us to pre-wrap the product, we need 7 days before shipping. 

6. Can I talk to an owner-operator who is doing this now?

Absolutely. We have several across the nation who would be more than happy to chat. 

7. How do I order product?

We have a Sales Order Form on which orders can be placed. Or you can just call us to place your order (801-292-1339). We then calculate the freight costs which are added to the order. All orders are paid with a credit card before products are shipped. 

8. Is this a seasonal business?

No. There are thousands of shows across the nation year-round. There are generally many events within a 100-mile radius of where you live. During the spring, summer and fall, there are more outdoor events. The winter months bring more indoor shows, including holiday shows. In many places there are home and garden shows, farmers markets, gun shows, craft shows, hospital shows, etc. year-round. 

9. Does the fudge melt?

The quality of bulk fudge is not affected up to about 130 degrees. When hot, the fudge will be softer. But when the fudge returns to room temperature, it will return to it's normal consistency. 

Should you choose to purchase pre-wrapped fudge, we will freeze the fudge before shipping it (at our cost to you). The fudge tends to stick to the wrapper of pre-wrapped fudge when temperatures get high. 

Our line of panned chocolates and gummies, however, are heat-sensitive. We don't recommend doing an outdoor show with chocolates when the temperature exceeds 75 degrees. The fudge, however, can be sold outside when the temperatures are higher. 

When temperatures are hot, we will only ship fudge and not panned chocolates or gummies. Also, be careful transporting chocolates in a hot car. Be sure to keep the AC running and don't leave the chocolates sitting in your car as you run errands, etc. 

10. How many other operators will there be in my marketplace?

You don’t pay a franchise fee so you don’t own a marketplace. But that is not a problem because every market area of the U.S. can support multiple operators. There are so many events in any given area, that no one person can possibly cover them.  However, once you sign up for an event, that event belongs to you going forward, and other Blue Moose operators are not supposed to sign up. Talk to us, and we can tell you how many other operators are currently in your market, but multiple operators in any given market can profitably co-exist.

11. What allergen concerns are there with Blue Moose products?

Tree Nuts and Peanuts: Due to the potential of cross contamination in our factory and in the sampling process for operators, we highly recommend that persons with these allergies not eat any of our fudge. Gummies should not be affected by nuts if the operators are careful with the scoops or gloves used to sample and/or weigh out these products.

Gluten: The only flavor of fudge that contains gluten is Cookies 'N Cream, which contains Oreos. Just be very careful when sampling that your cutter is completely clean.

Lactose: All the fudge flavors have lots of cream and butter. The panned chocolates have milk in the milk chocolate. Gummies are the only safe product.

Soy: Soy is in milk chocolate, therefore, gummies are the only thing completely safe.

Sugar free: We sell nothing that is sugar free.

12. Are your products kosher certified?

Sorry, they are not. We have marshmallows in the factories.