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440 W 200 N STE 1
Bountiful, UT, 84010


We make the best fudge. Period. 


The beautiful gift boxes contain 1 lb or 2 lbs of fudge.

The beautiful gift boxes contain 1 lb or 2 lbs of fudge.

Blue Moose Fudge is a delicious option for your fundraising needs!

  • Easy Sale - Everyone loves fudge!

    • Our gourmet fudge is smooth and creamy (unlike normally gritty fudge).

    • Our wholesale fudge is handmade in copper kettles and stirred with maplewood paddles.

    • We use only premium ingredients including imported Belgian chocolate.

  • Great Profits - up to 50%!

  • No minimums.

  • 8 delicious fudge samplers!

Pre-wrapped slices are 1/4 lb.

Pre-wrapped slices are 1/4 lb.

Blue Moose Fudge comes beautifully packaged for easy sales:

  • 1/4 lb hand-wrapped slices

  • 1 lb or 2 lb gift boxes containing 4 or 8 hand-wrapped slices

  • Gorgeous gift box to package the fudge


Blue Moose Fudge is a terrific and easy fundraising option:

  • Ships all year - our fudge can be shipped in summer heat without using refrigerated trucks.

  • Digital brochures and pre-sell order forms.

  • The shelf life on the fudge is about 6 months.

  • We will help you succeed!

How to Get Started

At Blue Moose Fudge, we're excited to help you with your fundraising needs! Let's get you started:

  1. Review fundraiser section of this website

  2. Choose a Plan (2 options):

    • Pre-sell Plan

    • Fast Cash Plan

  3. Contact us

  4. Start earning money for your event!

All files and additional Resources can be found here.

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