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440 W 200 N STE 1
Bountiful, UT, 84010


We make the best fudge. Period. 

How to Make Money

How much money can I make?

The most important variable in how much money you make is how many shows you choose to work. We have seen people do this part-time that have made $20,000 a year. We have seen full-time operators that make over $100,000 a year. There are several keys to your success:

·      How many events you book:

The more events, the more money you make. Once you get established, you can substantially increase your profits by booking simultaneous events and hiring people to work the shows for you.

·      The types of events you book:

Over time, you will figure out which shows work best in your marketplace. We can give you suggestions to get started.

·      Book events on a consistent basis:

Since even the most successful shows have product inventory left over, operators need to roll the inventory forward from show to show. Doing one show every couple of months generally does not work as well.

·      How hard you work at an event:

In order to maximize sales, you want to reach out to consumers by inviting them over for a free sample. Possibly half of your sales come from people who were not planning to stop at your booth. Be friendly. Engage them in conversation. Tell them about the fudge. Once sampled, the fudge will sell itself.

Your next objective is to sell them “up” with a special for buying more fudge. You would like to see at least half your sales to be at the "special" level.