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440 W 200 N STE 1
Bountiful, UT, 84010


We make the best fudge. Period. 


Shipping costs are the responsibility of the operator. Freight costs will be calculated and added when an order is placed.

If the order is larger than 150 lbs, it will be shipped on a pallet using ground freight. If smaller than 150 lbs, the order will usually be shipped using FedEx Ground in individual boxes. With pallet shipments, many operators find a local business with a loading dock or a local freight terminal to accept deliveries for them. Pallets can be delivered to your home, but freight companies charge more because the pallet requires a lift gate to unload. For smaller shipments, home delivery is fine, but again it costs more to deliver to a residence than delivery to a business location. So even for small shipments, operators often find a business to which the product can be shipped.

Lead times to ship an order are 5 days for bulk items and 7 days for pre-wrapped products. However, we try to accommodate shorter lead times whenever possible.

Bulk fudge is not heat sensitive and can ship in trucks with temperatures as hot as 130 degrees. Panned chocolates and gummies, on the other hand, are sensitive to high temperatures. We try not to ship panned chocolates or gummies when truck temperatures are above 75 degrees. 

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